Energy Capital Conference
April 17-18, 2017
Austin, Texas
Omni Barton Creek
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2010 Energy Capital Conference

See below for the 2010 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2010 Forum

Opening Keynote Address: Debunking Five Energy Myths in 20 Minutes (Or Less) And Why The Fuels of the Future are Natural Gas and Nuclear

  • Robert Bryce, author of Power Hungry, the myths of "green" energy and the real fuels of the future and Gusher of Lies; journalist; senior fellow, the Manhattan Institute and managing editor, Energy Tribune

Seeking Clarity on Commodity Prices
At the end of the day, oil and gas prices drive the drilling pace, forge the economics of acquisitions and the demand for capital. But experts have divergent views on where natural gas prices will settle. Others say $95-oil is possible by year-end. Whatever the case, your bottom line is on the line. Hear from analysts on the oil and gas price outlook.

  • Neal Dingmann, Senior Vice President Equity Research, Wunderlich Securities

Protecting the Bottom Line: Financial Market Reforms
Congress, the Fed and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are grappling with reforms that could impact how producers manage risk. New rules for commercial banks’ lending capacity, and derivatives position limits, might be imposed. Transaction costs could rise. Here’s an update.

Private Capital Roundtable
Private capital providers remain focused on existing portfolio companies, but raising new capital and deploying it are not as easy as before. New E&Ps seeking capital still need guidance.

Case studies:

  • George R. Hutchinson, Managing Director, Jefferies Capital Partners
  • Glenn Hart, CEO, Laredo Energy IV, LLC
  • John Hoffman, President/CEO, Black Elk Energy
  • Greg Davis, Vice President, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

Recaps/reorgs/restructuring: Tales from the Trenches
No one wants a replay of 2009. Here, people who went through the fire share lessons learned on how to get out of trouble and stay out of trouble, negotiate with debt holders and more.

  • War Stories From 4 Workouts in 2009: Juggling Bankers, Bondholders and Asset Buyers
    James R. Latimer, Managing Director, Blackhill Partners LLC
  • Working Out a Deal: The Anadarko-Newfield Joint Bid for TXCO
    Rich Goldenberg, Global Hunter Securities

Panel: Drilling Capital: So Much Shale, So Little Time
Maximizing the U.S. unconventional resource build-out will take thousands of wells and billions of dollars for companies to bring their NPV forward. Here, they share how they are funding activity. Are joint ventures pushing other capital aside?

  • Private Equity's View of Resource Plays
    Jordan Marye, Vice President, Denham Capital Management LP
  • Using private capital for resource plays
    Mike John, Founder and partner, Northeast Natural Energy, LLC
  • How to form a joint venture
    James (J.J.) McAnelly, Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Roundtable: Commercial and Investment banking update
These pros discuss registered direct offerings, how new SEC reserve rules affect lending, where A&D markets are headed, and whether the IPO window will be open in second-half 2010.

  • Jerry Schretter, Managing director, Head of US Upstream, UBS Investment Bank - Presentation not available.
  • James R. McBride, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Energy Banking, Capital One N.A.
  • Marc Cuenod, Managing Director - Energy Division, Wells Fargo - Presentation not available.
  • David Dodd, Managing Director, BNP Paribas

Roundtable: Financial Legends

  • Arthur R."Buzz" Gralla, Jr, Senior Advisor, Energy Banking, AmegyBank N.A.
  • Robert D. Wagner, Jr., Rivington Capital Advisors, LLC

Special Keynote Address

  • Shale Gas: A Cornerstone of US Energy Security
    Rudy Giuliani, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

2010 Investor Workshop

Why Invest in Oil and Gas? Prices, Supply and Demand
Investors will receive a macro look of the oil and gas industry with a clear understanding of key fundamentals.

In Pursuit of Petroleum: Geology 101
To invest in oil and gas you need to understand the basics of geology.

Understanding Reserve Reports
Understanding reserves and how they are reported is central to knowing the oil and gas industry.

  • Danny Simmons, President and COO, Netherland, Sewell & Associates

What is This Shale Craze?
Natural gas and oil shale plays are having a major affect on overall production and supply. Can the US decrease its dependence on foreign supply? Investors are watching oil and gas companies increase activities in a number of shale plays. What are the risks involved and what should investors know?

Investing in Royalties vs. E&P Stocks, Private Drilling Partnerships and ETFs
Investors face many choices. Royalties are a tax-advantaged, relatively risk free way to invest in oil and gas production. Which strategy is right to meet investment goals?

Evaluating E&P and Pipeline Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
For investors looking for yield, MLPs provide a tax-advantaged alternative to invest in the oil, gas and pipeline industries.

2010 CFO Workshop

Energy Legislation and Operational Impacts
The impacts of energy legislation on energy companies and their operations could include changes to energy trading rules and best practices for reducing FCPA risk. Additionally, this session will discuss the status of carbon legislation, environmental tax credits and energy regulatory reform.

  • Scott Segal, Partner, Head of Government Affairs, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP - Presentation not available.

Tax Legislation Outlook: Implications of the Obama Budget
The president’s fiscal year (FY) 2011 budget proposes $443 billion of tax increases on businesses over 2010-20, with a number of proposals aimed at increasing taxes on the oil and gas industry. These changes are estimated to have a $37 billion impact. Among the oil and gas preferences that would be eliminated are use of the Section 199 domestic manufacturing deduction, percentage depletion, and the expensing of intangible drilling costs. Where does this legislation stand?

Energy Accounting Focus
Hear the latest updates on SEC comments on reserve reporting, the status of the FASB/IASB joint projects, and the IASB extractive activities project.

M&A Transactions and Capital Update
Shifting market forces, including restricted financing, a more complex risk profile, increased regulation and market volatility, are all rapidly changing today's energy business environment affecting the ability to optimize capital availability and deployment. With these forces in play, boardroom agendas are focusing on capital management issues, such as optimizing, raising, investing and preserving capital. As optimism returns, companies and executives are realizing that a new capital agenda is emerging. How is this new capital influencing M&A transactions? What is the outlook for M&A in the second half of 2010?

Back Office Issues
Companies in the oil and gas industry must invest heavily in exploration and production, yet they face growing challenges. They need help identifying the best strategies for pursuing existing projects and the most promising future projects for investment. Integrating a back-office system is essential in today’s competitive environment.

Health Care Reform: Economic Implications for Employer-Sponsored Health Program
The recently enacted health care reform legislation creates financial and administrative implications for employers as sponsors of health care plans.  Issues to be covered include: minimum benefit requirements, employer mandates and the associated penalties, individual mandates and potential migration of employees in and out of employer plan, and annual fees and taxes passed back to employers.

Fraud Awareness and Internal Controls
Understanding vulnerabilities and opportunities for misconduct is essential to management in mitigating fraud risk within their organization.  Ms. Jourde will share considerations for management to use in evaluating their organization’s susceptibility to fraud and the effectiveness of their internal controls.

  • Paula Jourde, Director of Client Relations, Enertia Software

Risk Management, Hedging and Corporate Insurance Issues
To Hedge or not to hedge? Understand where your company falls on the spectrum from risk averse to risk taking through knowledge of price risks and dynamic risk management to choose products and strategies.Identify market volatility, current trends and regulatory reforms that effect companies.

  • Frank Verducci, Director - Structured Products, BP Corporation North America, Inc.

2010 Startup Workshop

Workshop: Starting and Building an E&P Company

What’s Your Business Plan?
Onshore or offshore? Conventional assets or shale plays? Rockies or Gulf Coast? IPO in five years? Your plan needs to be well thought-out and match the skills of the team, for it will determine the type of capital required and the assets needed.

  • Cathy Sliva, Founding Partner, Blue Rock Energy Capital II, LLC

Building the Management Team
You may be the pitcher, but you will need some heavy hitters, fielders and fast base-runners, too. From geologists and engineers to financial umpires, here’s how to assemble the right people for the right tasks.

  • David Preng, President, Preng & Associates - Presentation not available.

Financing 101: Private Equity
When you are ready to go beyond funds from friends and family, what are your best options that fit your business model? Here’s a quick look at the status of private equity funds for energy, and what these providers look for.

Financing 101: Reserve-backed Loans
Commercial and mezzanine-debt providers are eager to share their expertise and funds when start-ups come calling.

  • Lynn Bass, Principal, Gas Rock Capital, LLC

Building the Asset Base: Market Metrics for Acquisitions
The A&D market is turning around, but who will be the winners: buyers or sellers? Here is a discussion of what it takes for a start-up to win.

  • Craig Lande, Director, RBC Richardson Barr - Presentation not available.

Automated Business Processes: Don’t Wait Until It’s Do or Die
Start-up managers must juggle multiple issues such as IT, HR, accounting and risk management. Building a strong foundation on automated business processes is key to successful management of these issues. This is just as important as drill bits and acreage.