Energy Capital Conference
April 17-18, 2017
Austin, Texas
Omni Barton Creek
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2012 Energy Capital Conference

2012 Energy Capital Conferences Show Report

See below for the 2012 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2012 Conference

June 7, 2012

Opening Keynote: Energy 2020 - North America as the New Middle East

  • Ed Morse, Managing Director and Global Head, Commodities Research, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Roundtable Discussion 1: Politics, Pipelines and the Spread
Stunningly, across North America producers are proving that developing new hydrocarbon supply – from oil to gas liquids to dry gas – isn't over; instead, unconventional technology has created a new, virtually untouched frontier. Increasingly, the greater challenge is in getting these new products – from Canada's oil sands, North Dakota's Bakken, Appalachia's Marcellus and even the Permian Basin and the Gulf Coast's own Eagle Ford play – to the highest-profit markets. At times, the delay is simply due to the physics of time involved in building infrastructure; and, in one spectacle, it's just politics. Here, experts discuss solutions for monetizing these incredible new resources in the best-priced market.

  • Moderator: Bruce Bullock, Director, Maguire Energy Institute
  • Ed Morse, Managing Director and Global Head, Commodities Research, Citigroup Global Markets Inc. - Presentation not available
  • Jerrit Coward, President, Oil and Gas Segment, Willbros Group Inc. - Presentation not available
  • Bruce Vincent, President, Swift Energy Co. - Presentation not available

Spotlight: The View from the Chief Economist

Roundtable Discussion 2: Lease, Buy, Sell — The View from the Producers
Grassroots leasing has returned to North America, where advanced unconventional technology is being applied to long-known and previously horizontally untried formations in just about every state and province that has given up hydrocarbon treasure before. Some producers have their plates full with internally developed opportunities. Some are buying into nascent plays. Some have already sold their frontier unconventional developments to set out again. Here's their estimation of how much more of this new E&P era is left to be played—and their strategies for how to play it.

  • Floyd Wilson, Chairman, President and CEO, Halcon Resources Corp. - Presentation not available


    Jim Denny, EVP, Operations, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. - Presentation not available

  • Tom Ward, Chairman and CEO, SandRidge Energy Inc.

Oil and Gas Investor's 9th Annual Excellence Awards
Join this year's winners in this special, annual celebration.

  • Executive of the Year - Tom L. Ward, SandRidge Energy Inc.
  • Best Discovery of the Year - Chesapeake Energy Corp. - Utica Shale
  • Financing of the Year - Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.
  • M&A Deal of the Year - BHP Billiton Petroleum Ltd. and Petrohawk Energy Corp.
  • Turnaround of the Year - Saratoga Resources Inc.
  • Best Corporate Citizen - Apache Corp.
  • Best Field Rejuventation - Energy XXI

Keynote Address from Oil and Gas Investor's Executive of the Year

  • Tom L. Ward, SandRidge Energy Inc.

Roundtable Discussion 3: The Money's View of Energy
Capital that has been reserved in the past for proven assets continues to flow into greenfield energy development – from E&P to midstream to downstream – throughout North America. Here are what the sources of funding will back today, including that of private equity, commercial banks, retail investors and institutional fund managers. Is heated investment in unconventional plays destroying future profit? Or is it still the opening chapter in this new hydrocarbon rush?

  • Moderator: Bill Weidner, President and CEO, Weidner Advisors
  • Mark Ammerman, Industry Head, Energy, U.S., Latin America and U.K./Europe, Scotiabank Global Banking & Markets
  • Marty Phillips, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EnCap Investments LP - Presentation not available
  • Mark Bononi, Senior Analyst, Vedanta Energy Fund - Presentation not available
  • John McNabb II, Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, Duff & Phelps Corp. - Presentation not available

Spotlight: America's Newest Export — LNG

  • Bill Cooper, President, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas

Roundtable Discussion 4: Natural Gas — A Conundrum for Some; An Arb Opportunity for Others
At least five viable new North American natural gas export facilities are being constructed or are in the process of permitting – just a decade after energy executives recall dozens of proposed new LNG import facilities dotting the North American coastline. Meanwhile, energy and other industry members are encouraging greater use of natural gas onshore. Should producers and investors bet on greater upside to natural gas prices in the coming years or put their money on oil prices rising even further?

  • Moderator: John Olson, Equity Investor and Retired Managing Partner, Houston Energy Partners
  • Forrest Hoglund, Chairman and CEO, SeaOne Maritime Corp. - Presentation not available
  • Kent Wilkinson, VP, Natural Gas Ventures, Chesapeake NG Ventures Corp. - Presentation not available
  • Bill Cooper, President, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas - Presentation not available

Closing Keynote – Campaign 2012: An Insider's Outlook for the Presidential Election
One of today's most outspoken political consultants and a Fox News contributor, Dick Morris engineered President Clinton's stunning comeback re-election in 1996. Called "the most influential private citizen in America" by Time magazine, he handled the winning campaigns of more than 30 U.S. senators and governors as well as the successful campaigns of presidents or prime ministers of 10 countries. His books include Revolt! How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Agenda, A Patriot's Guide; Outrage, Fleeced, Off with Their Heads, Take Back America, Rewriting History and Because He Could.

  • Dick Morris, Presidential Political Strategist and Author - Presentation not available

2012 CFO Workshop

June 6, 2012

Opening Keynote: Macro Dynamics and How They Affect Producers and Plays

  • Neal Dingmann, Managing Director, Equity Research, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

Monetization Strategies for Oil and Gas
Producers are using a variety of alternative methods—outside of tapping public and private debt and secondary-share offerings—in funding exploitation of their vast, new, horizontal plays that have created another era in the North American oil and gas pioneering frontier. Some of these include joint ventures, royalty trusts, and rolling some assets into internal MLPs. Here’s how these are structured.

  • Greg Matlock, Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, Transaction Tax, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Kevin Richards, Partner, Partnership Transactional Planning & Economics Group, Ernst & Young LLP

Accessing Capital - A Roundtable Discussion
Billions of dollars of private and public investment in U.S. energy—from exploration to infrastructure to end-use—are being made in North America today and forecasted for at least the coming decade. Here, investors and financiers, from private equity to bank debt, discuss the current appetite for deploying capital in the energy sector.

  • Moderator: Chris Lallo, Partner, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Equity, Debt and Project Finance
    Jim Burgoyne, Managing Director, Natural Resources, GE Energy Financial Services - Presentation not available
  • Investment Banking
    Sylvia K. Barnes, Managing Director, Head of Oil & Gas Corporate and Investment Banking, KeyBanc Capital Markets
  • Commercial Lending
    Bryan Chapman, EVP and Energy Lending Manager, IberiaBank - Presentation not available
  • Private Equity
    Tom Field, Director, Quantum Energy Partners - Presentation not available

The Spreads: Current and Forecasted Commodity-Price Differentials
WTI is fetching far less than Brent or Louisiana Light Sweet, and Bakken crude oil is fetching even less than WTI. Lately, even Permian crude itself—that is, WTI—is fetching less than the Nymex price for WTI at Cushing. What are the current price differentials for crude oil and natural gas and what is the forecast for improvement for onshore U.S. production going forward?

  • The Impact of the Shale Oil Boom on Regional Differentials and New Pipeline Development
    Jodi Quinnell, Senior Oil Analyst, BENTEK Energy

Best Practices in Hedging Strategy, 2012
E&P chief financial officers are regularly analyzing their hedge books and commodity markets. What are the latest, best practices in balancing bankable commitments of secured, future pricing and still experiencing upside should markets move in producers’ favor?

Fiscal Fitness - The CFO Roundtable Discussion
From capital raises and SEC compliance to hedging production and running ROR economics, chief financial officers keep their energy businesses’ money wells flowing. Here, several discuss recent challenges and their solutions as well as new hurdles they forecast.

  • Moderator: Bill Arend, Regional Manager, Oracle - Presentation not available
  • Victor M. Perez, Chief Financial Officer, Glori Energy Inc. - Presentation not available
  • Mike Aldridge, Chief Financial Officer, Saratoga Resources - Presentation not available
  • Richard Robert, Chief Financial Officer, Vanguard Resources - Presentation not available
  • George Passela, Chief Financial Officer, Momentum/M3 Midstream LLC - Presentation not available

Q&A with the Experts
Join fellow attendees in an engaging, informal Q&A with today’s speakers.

  • Moderator: Lisa Shepard, Ernst & Young LLP

2012 E&P Startup Workshop

June 6, 2012

Opening Keynote: The Private-Equity Partner's Role in a Successful E&P
A private-equity provider is a source not only of capital. It is an entire team of partners ready to provide support in sourcing bank debt, hedging counterparties, start-up and bolt-on assets, and top-talent personnel. Learn hear how Denham Capital Management LP helps its portfolio companies realize their business-plan goal: investment-value creation.

  • Carl Tricoli, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Co-President, Denham Capital Management LP

Right Team, Right Time: Essential Start-Up Talent
Expertise in engineering, geology, finance, land and business development, and operations will be needed. Here, an executive- and technical-personnel recruiting veteran describes supply and demand for these professionals in today’s market, and how to zero in on the best fits for your team.

Roundtable Discussion: What's Your Business Strategy?
Will your start-up focus on resource plays or conventional exploration? Will it employ the acquire-and-exploit model? Is it oil-focused? Onshore? Offshore? North American or abroad? The business strategy will probably need a dozen or more improvements before it will sell. Here are some examples of successful plans.

  • Matthew B. Steele, CEO, Ursa Resources Group II LLC
  • Hal Chappelle, President and CEO, Alta Mesa Holdings LP - Presentation not available

Current Asset-Acquisition Metrics For The Start-Up E&P
The platform assets — proved, producing, with a good splash of PDNPs and PUDs — are traditional for PE-funded E&Ps. Here’s a summary of the current market for these assets and the price.

Hedging and Balancing the Capital Structure
Securing private equity is a significant part of the financing equation. Deal making is usually leveraged with debt capital, including bank credit facilities, and partners need surety bonds and other security. And, more issues fall to the senior financial officer, including price-risk management, physical insurance, IT and HR. Here are the latest best practices amongst finance faculty.

  • Frank Verducci, Managing Director, Structured Products, BP Corp. North America Inc. - Presentation not available
  • Tyler Crabtree, Chief Financial Officer, Ursa Resources Group II LLC - Presentation not available
  • Rich Gan, Team Lead, Managing Director, Corp. Banking Group, Wells Fargo Energy Group, Oil & Gas Division

Roundtable Discussion: Seeing the Business Plan to Fulfillment and Exit
Now that you have your team and strategy, how do you develop and implement it, positioning your start-up for success and exit?

  • Moderator: Ken Friedman, Director, Denham Capital Management LP
  • John O'Shea, Chief Executive Officer, Tradition Midstream LLC - Presentation not available
  • Mike Wylie, President, Cascade Petroleum LLC - Presentation not available
  • Jerry McGee, President and CEO, Cadre Proppants - Presentation not available

Curve Ball, 2012: Zig, Zag or Stay the Course?
A roundtable discussion on evolving the business plan or keeping patience in a fierce A&D market, volatile commodity prices and differentials, and persistent threat of greater environmental regulation. Here, veterans in restructuring tacks discuss how energy companies have found a way to gain greater efficiency and scale, and thus profit opportunity in the face of the adversity and uncertainty of a very tough business environment.

  • Moderator: Jordan Marye, Managing Director, Denham Capital Management LP
  • Richard Rice, Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP - Presentation not available
  • Tim Carlson, Senior Managing Director, Evercore Partners - Presentation not available