Energy Capital Conference
April 17-18, 2017
Austin, Texas
Omni Barton Creek
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2016 Energy Capital Conference

See below for the 2016 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2016 Conference, Day 1


8:35 am

Opening Keynote: A World View

The timing of an oil and gas price recovery depends on so many factors: when U.S. production rolls over and to what extent, what actions OPEC takes, how the world's biggest economies perform, and more. This renowned expert explores the global landscape and the convergence of energy, geopolitics and economics.

9:00 am

Panel: Capital Markets Speak

The public market is leery, commercial banks are cautious, valuations are down. How will capital providers proceed this year? How can they help you manage the balance sheet? Panelists are discussing access to debt, public equity, mezzanine, high-yield and other alternatives. Panelists discuss public equity, the challenges of public debt, and take a look at what is happening in the A&D markets.

  • Doug Reynolds, Managing Director and Head of US Business, Scotiabank
  • William Lambert, Vice President, Investment Banking Division, Goldman, Sachs & Co.– Presentation not available

9:45 am

Restructuring Spotlight: What To Do & When

Of the numerous restructuring options, what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? If a company does need to restructure, what can be expected and how can the process move along as smoothly as possible? How can common issues be avoided? These experts give their take on the current wave of restructuring in the oil and gas sector and what the future holds.

  • Mark Carmain, Managing Director, Petrie Partners LLC
  • Anthony Caluori, Managing Director, Global Financial Advisory, Rothschild Inc. – Presentation not released

10:45 am

Executive Of The Year: Oil and Gas Investor's Excellence Award Presentation & Remarks

Throughout his career, Harold Hamm has been a staunch advocate for the oil industry before Congress and in the media. He has promoted the potential of the Bakken Shale, and held more than 250 one-on-ones in the fight to allow U.S. oil exports. He is honored for his leadership and willingness to step up.

  • Harold Hamm, Chairman and CEO, Continental Resources Inc

11:10 am

Roundtable Discussion: Private Capital Waits In The Wings

Private capital is plentiful and it loves to invest at the lows, whether in advancing capital at the corporate level or forming JVs at the asset level. These private equity and debt providers discuss their parameters, return targets and outlook for 2016.

12:00 pm

Special Luncheon Program

Reading The Economic Tea Leaves

How close is the U.S. economy to recession? The Chinese economy is slowing down, commodity prices are at a decade-long low, and the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates. This renowned economist will touch on these and other macro drivers that will affect the U.S. economy.

Oil, Gas & The U.S. Elections

What is happening in Washington? Energy policy and politics have huge impacts on the industry, from the recent lifting of the crude oil export ban to an intense focus by regulatory agencies on hydraulic fracturing impacts. Learn about upcoming legislation and litigation and what the outlook is for the fall elections.

  • John Kneiss, Director, Macroeconomics, Geopolitics & Policy, Stratas Advisors

1:45 pm

Financing Of The Year: Oil and Gas Investor's Excellence Award Presentation & Remarks

Blue Whale Energy North America

Blue Whale North America brought$1.4 billion to the Permian Basin in two acquisitions involving three private E&P sellers. These deals were done on behalf of a company based in Shanghai, with private equity from Phoenix Tree Capital, a Beijing-based firm interested in North American energy investments. Blue Whale has said it will identify further opportunities for these Chinese investors.

  • Curtis Newstrom, President and CEO, Blue Whale Energy North America
M&A Deal Of The Year: Oil and Gas Investor's Excellence Award Presentation & Remarks

WPX Energy's acquisition of RKI Exploration & Production LLC.

WPX Energy spent $2.75-billion to acquire the Permian Basin assets of privately held RKI Exploration & Production LLC. This deal transformed formerly gas-weighted WPX’s portfolio, as its oil production will rise to 36% of volumes by 2017. Included in the package were 3,600 Delaware Basin gross, risked drilling locations across several stacked pay intervals. Total net resource potential is estimated at more than 1 billion boe on the acquired assets. This deal rewarded RKI for successfully developing a core position that was attractive to a larger buyer.

  • Richard E. Muncrief, President and CEO, WPX Energy
  • Ronnie Irani, President and CEO, RKI Exploration & Production LLC

2:15 pm

Roundtable Discussion: A Critical Eye On Debt

In a low commodity price environment, managing debt has become one of the E&P industry's key concerns. These panelists will delve into topics ranging across unsecured debt, first and second lien structures and mezzanine structures, to patient capital and senior debt, to the high-yield market.

3:00 pm

Panel: Case Studies In Successful Capital Raises

These E&P leaders discuss the winning strategies they followed to raise fresh capital, recapitalize their balance sheets and get in position to live to drill another day.

  • Frank D. Bracken III, CEO and Managing Director, Lonestar Resources LLC– Presentation not available
  • Parker Reese, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Resources Development LLC

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